EZ Viewer DCM v4

Digital Photo Manager

What do you do with the hundreds, maybe thousands of photos you have taken with your digital camera, video or other digital files you have collected? How do you find photos you are looking for? Do you even remember what you have? Long directories and cryptic filenames no longer work for you. Well now EZ Viewer DCM v4 Digital Content Manager is here to help you locate the specific photos that you are looking for. Just use the Search Wizard, type in your keywords and viola!!! you'll have the photo you want in a snap..

for MS Windows® 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, Vista

EZ Viewer Digtal Content Manager

Photo Management Database Features

EZ Viewer DCM v4 is built using an embeded server engine. The data tables are stored in a directory on the hard disk. Thumbnails and data for each image is stored in these tables. The tables are indexed to insure fast data access and retrival.
  • The only limit on the number of photos is hard drive space
  • Fast database read and write
  • Search tens of thousands of records in a few seconds
  • Filter directory listing by any data field
  • Auto update of catalog when files in directory change
  • Files and data can be stored encrypted in a special table (to be implemented)
  • ISO/IEC 9075 - SQL:2003 compliant
  • Data is written to the tabel using transactions, reducing the risk of data coruption