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GJC Software, Inc Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement for and

As an exercise of good business practice, we at GJC Software, Inc., the makers of EZ Viewer software, disclose our policy on user information privacy. Specifically, this document will explain:

  • what personal user information we obtain
  • how our company utilizes collected personal user information
  • what options are available to users to submit, not submit, or change their personal user information
  • what safeguards we employ to protect personal user information

Personal User Information We Obtain

We collect personal user information from our users in the following ways: Registering a product, placing an order in writing through mail or fax, placing an order by phone, contacting us by email or requesting tech support through the web, or posting a message on our user forums. The information collected includes user contact information such as name, address, phone number, and/or email address.

How Our Company Utilizes Collected Personal User Information

Information collected is not actively used and is stored by GJC Software, Inc., except when the user registers a product or emails a specific request to join our mailing list. In that case, the information is used solely for periodically contacting users about news and offers from our company such as special offers, updates, newsletters, new products, and breaking company news. It is not disseminated to third parties. Users can opt out of receiving our company communications at any time, for any period of time, by simply contacting our company with their specific request by email, phone, or writing. Our contact information is below:

GJC Software, Inc.
340 Grand Central Parkway
Bayville, NJ 08721

Telephone: (732) 269-6799

GJC Software, Inc. has run photo contests in the past and may do so in the future. If GJC Software, Inc. does conduct a contest, users considering participating in a contest such read our legal notices carefully. With regard to personal user information in contests, GJC Software, Inc. collects user contact information plus any submitted images. These images (assuming they meet the submission criteria) become the property of GJC Software, Inc. and can be displayed by GJC Software for public viewing in various media. Thus, those who don't wish to have their images viewed by the public should not participate in our contests. Additionally, GJC Software, Inc. will post winner names and their city/state in which they live. We will not post any other user information ourselves, nor will we disseminate user information and user submitted images to any other party without written consent of the user.

Users can post messages on our website's User Forums. Such message posts can contain, at the very least, a user's email address, plus any other information a user volunteers. Any information submitted on the forums are viewable by the public.

Technical web-profiling devices such as IP Address Logging, Cookies, and Clear GIF Web Bugs or Web Beacons are not utilized by our websites.

While we make every attempt to follow our privacy policy as absolute as possible, one notable exception is if and when a legal authority, with the proper authorization, requests specific user information from us. If we feel such a request is legal and mandatory, we will fully comply with such authority requests.

What Safeguards We Employ to Protect Personal User Information

The user must take caution when utilizing email or web forms to submit personal information. Our site does not use encryption or secure layers. Thus, if a user wishes to submit information more personal than an email address, he or she may wish to mail, fax, or phone-in the information to us. This is because most email is vulnerable once over an open Internet connection. However, many users do choose to send such information by email and do so without incident. Just be aware that the technical possibility of eyes prying into an email is possible for those concerned with the utmost security.

Considering the circumstances above, purchases made via our site are very secure since they can only be made via phone, fax, or mail. Online orders are possible through our third party affiliate, a THAWTE authenticated site with secure layers. Other purchase methods of our products are possible through third party vendors and are subject to their respective privacy policies.

Once we have personal user information, it is given the highest care with regard to security. The absolute minimum number of employees have access to it and even they must have a legitimate reason to access it. It is not shared with any third party and since we are a small company, the few employees that do have access to personal user information are of the highest level of trust and have the trust of the President of the company personally. In short, personal user information at our offices stays at our offices.