EZ Places

Customize MS Office and Windows Common Dialog Shortcuts

Now you can easily customize the MS Office and Windows, Open and Save Dialog Box shortcuts to the locations that you use the most, plus change theses locations in groups on the fly!

Customize Common Dialog Shortcuts

Customizing Common Dialog Shortcuts

Quickly update the places in Windows Common Dialog EZ Places is a utility program that will allow you to customize the shortcuts in Windows Common Open and Save Dialog Boxes.

Places are the shortcut folders that you see in the Placebar (left side) portion of the Windows Common Open and Save Dialog Boxes of many of the programs that you use.
You can not only customize the Places, but you can save groups of folders and change the groups on the fly, without closing and restarting the programs

Here is a snapshot of Places in a typical Open Dialog Box that would appear in many programs that you may use.

Windows Common Dialog Places with User Definable Groups Now here is the same dialog box after EZ Places customizes the shortcuts with a custom group of folder Places.

EZ Places is easy to setup and runs very efficiently in the tray where you can change groups of places with a right-click on the thumb-tack icon and a click on the group of your choice! You can close the program at any time and you can restore the original windows or Office Places at any time.