Picture of Proof

Organize Your Household Assets

Picture of Proof is a software program that makes the creation of a home inventory database fun and easy. You can use the program for future management and insurance documentation of all your possessions. Picture of Proof has many built in reports and allows the creation and saving of custom reports. You can organize the home inventory data in any way you want to view it.

Home Inventory

Picture Of Proof Home Inventory Software

Calamities can happen anywhere, anytime

Fires, storms, floods, theft....you never know what's going to happen. What will you do to recover your lost property? You'll probably call your insurance company. And they'll want proof that you actually owned the assets that you lost. But once your possessions are lost and any evidence that showed that you did own these things are gone, will your insurance company be your friend?

Picture of Proof Home Inventory Software will give you the help you need to recover your possessions!

Picture Of Proof makes it easy to safely and securely record all of the important details of your homes possessions, from a comprehensive, home inventory, and manager to store important home records related to taxes, mortgages and more.

About Your Home Inventory

Enterprising homeowners, insurance companies and real estate agents all agree, it is critically important to maintain a comprehensive home inventory. In the past, there were a number of ways to do this, including with pen & paper, spreadsheets and even CD's full of photos. Most methods recommended backing up the inventory to a hard-copy of some sort and storing it in a safe-deposit box for safe-keeping. There are also online services that will let you use there software online for a yearly fee (we don't recommend this method).
Your home inventory is an ever-evolving and ever-growing list. We all buy new or replacement items or receive gifts for our homes every day, from jewelry to electronics, appliances to collectibles, and having to constantly visit the safe deposit box to update our inventories is not practical. We all know that keeping critical information on our computers is prone to problems, from forgotten backup to crashed hard drives to spy-ware and viruses corruption. For this reason We recommend both a hard copy in a bank vault and an online backup with a remote server.

Try Picture of Proof for free for 45 days.

If you need more time to evaluate the program, just email support. This is the full program except that it will limit the database to 15 items.