EZ Viewer 3

EZ Viewer 3 is the most complete photo manager program for viewing, printing, editing, enhancing, managing, and enjoying your photos.

EZ Viewer 3 opens and converts over 30 formats including jpeg, tiff, tif, psd, bmp, png, multi page tif, and gif files for viewing and editing.
EZ Viewer 3 is a photo management program that has great editing features like cloning, red eye reduction and a really great method for brightening a photo.
So if you are looking for a photo manager program to make your life easier then download EZ Viewer 3 today.

for Windows® 98, 98se, Me, 2000, XP Home / Pro, Vista and Win 7

EZ Viewer 3 Faqs

Install Issues

Q: Does EZ Viewer 3 work on Microsoft Vista?

A: Yes, but you must install it using the following instructions:

We recommend that if you have installed the software to un-install it first. The installer does not seem to recognize the Administrator Account by default, So you must select the Run As option in all cases.

  • If you are using a CD to install put it in the drive and cancel the installation.
  • Using a Windows Explorer navigate to the root of the CD or to where you have downloaded the install to.
  • Right Click on the setup.exe icon and select Run As..
  • Select an Administrator Account ( Even if you are an Administrator ) and run the installer.
  • Now install the Update in the same method.
  • EZ Viewer 3 should now run just as it did on other operating systems.
  • EZ Viewer DCM v4 will be Vista Native

Q: The Install won't let me put my serial number in. Why?

A: You are probably mistaking a 1 (number) for an I (uppercase letter i) or a 0 (zero) for an O (uppercase letter o). There are always two letters and eight numbers in the Product Key. If the Key is incorrect the install program will not allow a Serial Number to be put in. Also make sure that the number of digits you typed in match the actual number of digits in the install numbers.

Q: Can I delete EZ Viewer 97 after installing Version 3?

A: You can delete EZ Viewer 97 from your hard drive after installing Version 3. Version 3 does not require any files from EZ Viewer 97 to run. We recommend that you use the uninstall programs utility in the Control Panel to remove the program.

Q: I need to reinstall EZ Viewer 3 but I can't get the Auto-Run EZ Viewer 3 install program to work. What do I need to do?

A: When you put the CD in and the install program does not come up, may be caused by a few different reasons such as: You have auto run disabled, or EZ Viewer 3 is already installed. To install in either of these situations follow these instructions:
1. Put the EZ Viewer 3 CD in the CD Drive.
2. Open an instance of My Computer to the Drive List View.
3. Select the CD Drive and right click the icon for it.
4. From the Popup menu select Explore.
5. Double click the setup.exe file and follow the install program from there.

Q: I just bought EZ Viewer 3 and I can't get passed the Product Key. How do I do it?

A: This is a common mistake. You are probably mistaking a letter for a number. The key will always have 10 characters, two of which will be letters. Common mistakes: The letter " I " for the number " 1 " OR The letter " O " for the number " 0 "

Q: I have the Product Key and Serial Number in but I can't get any further. What do I do?

A: If your screen display is running at 640 x 480, the install program may not properly center the dialog box on the screen. You can move the dialog box to the center of the screen by dragging the Window Caption. If you cannot get the window to move, shut the install program down. Then select Display from the control panel and choose the settings tab. Then, set the Desktop Area to 800 x 600 or higher. You may have to restart your computer at this point for the settings to take effect. Now re- run the EZ Viewer 3 setup again and you will have the Continue button in view.

Q: Where can I find my Product Key and Serial Number?

A: The Product Key and Serial Number can be located either inside the CD cover sleeve or on the outside of the package (on the shrink wrap). If you have inadvertently discarded the wrapping, you will need to contact the office. If you purchased EZ Viewer at a computer show, the Product Key may be also be on your receipt. If you have your Product Key, contact the office and have the Key available to obtain the Serial Number. We strongly recommend to register your EZ Viewer if you haven't already done so. Go to the Support > Register link in the drop-down menu at the top of this page for registering EZ Viewer.

File Management Issues

Q: How do I e-mail a picture from EZ Viewer?

A: Version 3 supports the popup context menus in Windows Explorer. If you have your e-mail program (such as MS Outlook or any other that supports MAPI) configured correctly, you can e-mail directly from EZV3.
1. Load the Image you wish to send.
2. Right click the file name in the File List Window of EZ Viewer.
3. Select Send To -> Mail Recipient.
4. You will now have a New e-mail window with the file as an attachment.
5. Fill in the Recipient and hit Send.
NOTES: If you do not have a Mail Recipient in your Send To folder Look in your e-mail programs help or contact the publisher of the software for instructions on how to do this. If your e-mail program is part of a isp such as AOL this will probably not work.

Editing Issues

Q: How do I print an exact-size picture such as a 5 x 7 or a 3 x 5?

A: Cropping now supports cropping to aspect and sizes. If you haven't updated EZ Viewer in a long time, you might not have key features such as cropping to aspect and size. Also, consult the downloadable guide to EZ Viewer which explains the printing process including this topic in detail. It's in the Support > Guide Download link in the drop-down menu above.

Q: I heard you can you the Clone Tool to repair scratches and tears. Is this true?

A: Absolutely! Again, the EZ Viewer 3 Guide explains this thoroughly. It's in the Support > Guide Download link in the drop-down menu above.

Q: Why don't my pictures look as sharp as the ones I see at your computer show demonstrations?

A: Check the resolution of your Graphic Display Adapter through the Control Panel of your computer. If it is set to 256 colors, this is the cause of the problem. To correct this, set it to True Color 24 or 32 bits. If this is not the cause, try setting the resolution on the scanner to a higher setting. A typical scan setting of 300 dpi would be a good starting point.

Misc. Questions

Q: I saw your program, but it looks intimidating. Is it really easy for beginners?

A: Yes. The combination of the layout of the program plus our instructional aids let you become an image wizard in no time at all. EZ Viewer 3's short learning curve is by design. If you're still stuck for whatever reason, our friendly support staff is just an email away.

Q: I already own photo editing software that cost me over $600. What could your software possibly do that mine can't?

A: Just as a viewer and picture printer itself, EZ Viewer 3 is well worth the value. EZ Viewer 3 uses Windows conventions so that you can send pictures you view or print in EZ Viewer 3 to any of your Windows supported programs. Plus, many customers have told us how much easier and faster it is to use our software for editing tasks compared to software they already own. Not to mention, how much easier it was for them to learn how to use EZ Viewer 3 in the first place.

Q: Can your software read Kodak's Photo CD's?

A: Yes.

Q: I want to print multiple pictures in specific sizes such as 5"x7" or 4"x6" on ONE sheet of paper. Can EZ Viewer do that?

A: Very much yes. EZ Viewer 3 pioneered the Window Explorer Viewing interface and also pioneered the MultiView interface that lets you select, or drop-in from the Explorer pane, multiple images into the cells of a MultiView port. It then lets you format those images to specific sizes for printing from the MultiView mode. Change aspect, zoom in or out, and position any image to fit your selected images into selected sizes right from the print options panel!

Q: Do I need to purchase separate plug-ins to do all the things that I saw on the product info. page?

A: No! EZ Viewer 3 is an all-in-one solution for your digital graphics and pictures AS IS. Plug-Ins may become available in the future that add functionality above and beyond what EZ Viewer 3 does now. But you need not spend a penny more to get all the great features and ease-of-use EZ Viewer 3 offers.