Picture of Proof

Organize Your Household Assets

Picture of Proof is a software program that makes the creation of a home inventory database fun and easy. You can use the program for future management and insurance documentation of all your possessions. Picture of Proof has many built in reports and allows the creation and saving of custom reports. You can organize the home inventory data in any way you want to view it.

Keep track of your stuff

Picture Of Proof Home Inventory Features

  • Item Data:
    • Item
    • Serial Number
    • Location
    • Category
    • Status
    • Set
  • Manufacture Information:
    • Company Name
    • Part Number
    • UPC
  • Purchase Information:
    • Purchase Type ie: EBay, Retail, Yard Sale etc.
    • Purchase Date
    • Purchase Place
    • Price Paid
    • Current Value
  • Digital Data:
    • 4 image files
    • Scanned Receipt
    • Movie or Video Clip
    • Document File
  • Additional Data:
    • Notes
    • Keywords