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Welcome to GJC Software, Inc. - a producer of High Performance Software for Home and Business applications since 1994. Our focus is on making the job of managing your photo or image collection or your home Inventory both fun and easy.

So if you are just looking for a fast jpg and tif viewer or a full blown Photo Management System check out our Photo Management Software EZ Viewer DCM v4 a Digital Content Manager / Photo Manager, simple enough for the average user, with powerful enterprise content management features.

New web site launched

Web Site Revamped

June 1, 2008:

We have updated the look and improved the site navigation, so you can find the information you are looking for faster. This site is written using XHTML 1.0 Strict standard, with valid css style sheets, so hopefully it can be viewed correctly on different browsers.
We are still working on some of the new sections so come back often and see what is new.

The page is divided into sections that will remain consistent through out the site.

  • Masthead:
    • Will be the same on all pages
    • Company Name Image (click to return to the main page)
    • Quick links to Home, Contact Us Site Map and the User Forums
    • Main navigation menu which provides links to our products and software
  • Header:
    • Will change according to the subject ie: EZ Viewer DCM v4 pages will all have the same header.
    • Will describe a product or service that we offer.
  • Mainbody:
    • Right below the Header you will find the bread crumb trail that will show you where you are in the site relative from the Home Page. You can click on the links to navigate to another page.
    • On the left side you will find a navigation panel that contains the links to the documents that pertain to the Current Subject.
    • On the right of the navigation panel you will find the content of the page.
  • Footer:
    • Will be the same on all pages
    • Contains Copyright, Legal and Contact information

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